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suchorzewski litwin
Professor Wojciech Suchorzewski
Warsaw University of Technology
Chairman of the Program Board
ITS Polish Congress
Marek Litwin, Ph.D., P.Eng.
President of the Management Board
ITS Polska Association

5th Polish ITS Congress

Dear Sir or Madam,

The fifth edition of the Polish ITS Congress is approaching. Today, the annual meetings of ITS POLSKA members are, beyond doubt, something more than a regular opportunity to exchange information. Over the years, we have grown to become a professional community of a specific, unique nature. We combine science with practice, professionals in the private sector with experts in the public sector, and – last but not least – we combine various sectors of science, technology and industry, from telecommunications, to IT infrastructure, to electronic road and vehicle equipment. Ours is a unique industry and, at the same time, a community of friends.

The fifth Polish ITS Congress 2012 will be an exceptional meeting. It will take place at the time of a turning point in the installation of large, integrated ITS systems in Poland. With subsidies from the European Union, advanced integrated traffic and public transport management systems will be installed or extended in a dozen or so Polish cities within the next few years. Also, new systems for Poland’s national roads, motorways and provincial roads are under construction. In addition, tests of an advanced rail traffic management ETCS system are under way on the Central Railway Line. Work is also under way in the area of ITS technologies designed to improve the effectiveness of seaports, airports and air traffic. In road transport alone, the total value of funds to be used for ITS in 2007-2013 is estimated at PLN 3 billion. At such a time in particular, it is necessary to exchange the first experience and present new innovative solutions. The Congress will discuss, above all, integrated traffic management systems, both on the local and national levels. We will also discuss, in detail, ITS systems used in public transport, not only systems designed to manage public transport, but also integrated toll collection systems, plus security, CCTV, personal and property protection systems. Topics will also include issues related to intermodal transport and the integration of ITS systems on the level of cities, countries and the entire European Union. It is also necessary to look at the implementation projects carried out to date and to draw conclusions.

Another issue to be discussed is the ITS standardisation process. The lack of national ITS standards is a serious problem not only during design work, but also when implementing the designed solutions. Since the early days of its existence, ITS POLSKA has supported and advocated for measures aimed at developing national ITS standards by promoting the idea of shared ITS architecture, participating in the work of the Polish Committee for Standardisation and supporting public administration in its law-making efforts. We would like issues related to ITS standardisation to be an important item on the agenda for the Congress.

I strongly encourage all of you to take part in the Fifth Polish ITS Congress. We are waiting for speakers from Poland and abroad. Exchanging international experience is the key to success. This year, as every year, we will be happy to welcome representatives of the academic community, industry and the public sector. In response to your expectations, representatives of the public sector can enjoy a special discount on the regular conference fee. We encourage all of you to read the general plan of the sessions during the Congress, to send in the texts of your speeches, and to take part in the Fifth Polish ITS Congress 2012.
We encourage you to view the presentations and photo reports of the Congress.




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