ITSPC 2012

5th Polish ITS Congress
May 22-23, 2012, Hotel Marriott in Warsaw – summary

On 22-23 May 2012, Warsaw played host to the POLISH ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) CONGRESS, which has already become the most important event in Poland’s road transport sector and which has strengthened its position in the schedule of events in Europe.

The jubilee, 5th edition of the event, organised by ITS POLSKA Intelligent Transportation System Association, was attended by a record number of more than 250 people working or interested in the area of intelligent transportation systems. Representatives of the service sector accounted for 49% of the attendees, followed by local government authorities (32%), universities (8%), research institutions and organisations (6%) and the press (5%).

This year’s Polish ITS Congress was organised under the patronage of the following: the Minister of Transport, Construction and Maritime Economy, the Chairperson of the Parliamentary Infrastructure Committee, the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways, ITS Europe (ERTICO), the Mayor of the City of Warsaw, the Chief Road Transport Inspectorate, the Union of Polish Metropolises, the Convention of the Directors of Municipal Road Authorities, the Transportation Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences, the Union of Polish Cities, and the Association of Polish Counties. Expertise was provided by PSTT – Polish Association of Transport Telematics.

During the two days of the congress, there were plenty of presentations on ITS solutions, especially in road transport. This year’s congress included a total of 26 presentations. They were divided into the following thematic groups: traffic management systems, short-term traffic forecasts, vehicle movement detection, ITS interoperability, the role of ITS in pursuing the objectives of sustainable transport development, and the application of ITS in solving city transport problems. The presentations in each thematic group finished with a discussion.

A significant event for the attendees was the participation of many decision-makers in the opening sessions, which was attended by: Maciej Jankowski of the Ministry of Transport, Construction and Maritime Economy; Paweł Stelmaszczyk of the European Commission; Stanisław Żmijan of the Parliamentary Infrastructure Committee; Andrzej Maciejewski of the General Directorate of National Roads and Motorway; and Mieczysław Reksnis of Warsaw City Hall.

As is the case every year, the first day of the congress included an evening gala event and a prize-winning ceremony for the winners of the ITS LEADER award for achievements in the ITS sector in 2011. The ceremony was held under the honorary patronage of the Minister of Transport, Construction and Maritime Economy. The ITS LEADER competition was sponsored by Hewlett-Packard, with a prize for the author of the best diploma thesis.

The statuettes in the 3rd edition of the competition went to the following winners: in the Best Implementation category: the Kraków Municipal Road Authority, with an honourable mention to Białystok City Hall; in the Best Diploma Thesis category: Ms Beata Osińska of the University of Warsaw, with honourable mentions to Ms Barbara Spólnicka and Mr Tomasz Palak of the Warsaw University of Technology; in the Best Product category: the Road and Bridge Research Institute and Neurosoft, with honourable mentions to Synchrogop and APM; in the Best Research Thesis category: Grzegorz Sabak, PhD, of the Military University of Technology, with honourable mentions to the Motor Transport Institute, the Institute of Communications and Automex.

On the second day, the congress finished with a debate organised by the daily Gazeta Prawna in cooperation with ITS POLSKA, which included topics such as how to communicate with the public to gain public support for intelligent transportation system projects. The debate was attended by the following guests: Paweł Stelmaszczyk of the European Commission; Andrzej Maciejewski of the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways; Piotr Krukowski of the Wrocław Road Management and City Maintenance Authority; Jacek Oskarbski of Gdynia City Hall; Marek Litwin of ITS POLSKA; and the sponsor of the debate, Marek Cywiński of Kapsch Telematic Services.

The speakers represented the following institutions and businesses (in the order of speaking): Siemens, the Kraków Municipal Road Authority, Warsaw University of Technology, Sprint, AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków, Esri Polska, the Wrocław Road Management and City Maintenance Authority, Kapsch Telematic Services, Trax Elektronik, APM, Telsat, Polis, Alcatel-Lucent Polska, University of Žilina, M.A.I.O.R., Hewlett-Packard, PTV, Neurosoft, Trapeze Poland, and the University of Bucharest.

The 5th POLISH ITS CONGRESS was sponsored by: Kapsch Telematic Services and PTV (Diamond Sponsors), Neurosoft and UTI Grupa Polska (Golden Sponsors), Alcatel-Lucent Polska, APM, Esri Polska, Siemens, Sprint, Telsat, Trapeze, Trax Elektronik (Silver Sponsors) and Hewlett-Packard, which was the sponsor of the ITS LEADER 2012 competition, and Deloitte as the sponsor of the conference bags,

The event was organised under the media patronage of the following: the daily Gazeta Prawna, industry-specific magazines: ArcanaGIS, Autostrady, Drogi, Euroinfrastruktura, Nowe drogi, Obiekty Inżynierskie, Polskie Drogi, Rynek Kolejowy, Transport Miejski i Regionalny, as well as numerous web portals: Przeglą,,,,,,and

The Polish ITS Congress is organised by ITS POLSKA Intelligent Transportation System Association, which is a member of ITS Europe-ERTICO and an organisational partner of Opensky Systems and Services. For the tehnical side of organization V ITS Polish Congress was responsible Net Solutions Company.

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