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ITS Polish Congress program

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ITS Polish Congress program – download in PDF (250 KB).

Polish – English symultanic translation.

Day 1: 26st May, 2009
Place: Novotel Warsaw Center Hotel, Marszałkowska 94/98 Street, Warsaw

8:00 – 9:00
Registration of participants (Novotel Warsaw Center, Marszalkowska Street 94/98). There is possibility to make the registration and take congress materials on 27 May, 2009

9:00 – 10:00
Official opening

    Welcome address and introduction – Marek Litwin, ITS Poland Association, president
    Official opening – Maciej Jankowski, Undersecretary of Ministry of Infrastructure
    Address of Mr Zbigniew Rynasiewicz, Member of Parliament (the Sejm), Head of Infrastructure Committee
    Address of Mr Mirosław Maksimiuk, Deputy General Director for National Roads and Motorways
    ITS in a process of planning and completing of investment – Zbigniew Kotlarek, president, Polish Road Congress
    Introduction by Wojciech Suchorzewski, chairman of the Programme Board
    Marek Litwin, Conclusions Committee set-up

10:00 – 11:00
Session 1: ITS in national and European policy

    ITS in Poland: vision and development – Jerzy Mikulski
    ITS in European policy – Wojciech Suchorzewski
    Current ITS activity in Poland – Marcin Jaczewski

11:00 – 11:20

Coffee break

Sponsor: Satellic Traffic Management

11:20 – 12:20
Session 2: ITS Architecture and standards

    Polish ITS National Architecture – Marek Litwin
    A Study for the Ministry of Infrastructure on the Strategy for Development of ITS in Poland – Andrew Winder
    TRISTAR – Regional ITS Architecture – Jacek Oskarbski

12:20 – 13:30

Lunch. Sponsor: Egis
13:30 – 16:20

Session 3: ITS and transport safety and security

    The role of ITS in the improvement of transport safety – Ryszard Krystek
    Issues in road traffic safety and supporting technologies for the Police – Jacek Zalewski
    Software, systems and IT platforms supporting road traffic safety – Grzegorz Kawka
    Concept of road traffic safety database integrated with traffic management system – Tomasz Dybicz
    Reduction of externalities by increase of safety in road transport – Jana Pekárová


    eCall – automated incident rescue calling system – Tomasz Kaminski
    The improvement of road traffic safety by the application of section speed control – Janusz Wrobel
    Vehicle simulators in road traffic safety – Izabella Mitraszewska
    Speed management systems in rural road traffic safety improvement – Jerzy Narozny

16:20 – 16:45

Coffee break

Sponsor: Instytut Transportu Samochodowego

16:45 – 18:00
Session 4: ITS and environment

    A vision of cooperative green mobility for Europe – Paul Kompfner, ERTICO
    Information technologies in environment quality management in city agglomerations – Andrzej Kraszewski
    Impast of ITS systems in noise reduction in road vicinity – Janusz Bohatkiewicz


19:00 – 21:30

Evening reception in The National Museum,
Jerozolimskie Avenue 3
Platinum Sponsor: IBM Polska
Gold Special Sponsor: GMV

Day 2: 27st May, 2009

8:30 – 10:00

Session 5 part I: ITS in logistics and intermodal transport

    Signal priority for public transport in Oslo – Pawel Gajowniczek
    Increasing tramways operational speed through the application of tramway signal priority – Andrzej Krych
    Integrated public transport information system in the City of Suffolk (UK) traffic management – Anna Kabulska
    ITS and public transport management systems – Tomasz Wroblewski


10:00 – 10:20

Coffee break. Sponsor: PTV AG

10:20 – 11:50

Session 5 part II: ITS in logistics and intermodal transport

    Time window theory in road traffic control and management – Mariusz Kaczmarek
    Enhanced optimization of traffic flow and traffic safety by means of cooperative control – Tobias Lück
    Transport safety improvement through the application of parking management systems in motorway services plazas – Thomas Webe, Ernst Ehrlr
    Implications of the usage of actuated traffic control system for non-motorized traffic – Jeremi Rychlewski
    ITS integration according to processes in terms of monitoring and crisis security management – Cezariusz Pawlowski


11:50 – 12:50

Lunch. Sponsor: Kapsch TrafficCom AG

12:50 – 14:50

Session 6: Electronic toll collection systems

    EFC legislature – Anna Niedzicka
    EFC interoperability and the promotion of Independent toll service providers – Steve Morello
    Road user charging: from national tolling to integrated city tolling – Patricia Wrzesniewska
    Road user charging Poland – Michael Weber
    Galileo for road user charging – Fermín Catalán Ramos

14:50 – 15:15

Coffee break. Sponsor: DHV Polska

15:15 – 17.00

Session 7: Issues in ITS implementation in Poland

    Session addressing speech – Marek Krawczyk
    ITS projects financing – Jarosław Walkiewicz, Szymon Puczyński
    The role of ITS in the effectiveness improvements in logistics processes – Mariusz Wasiak
    The application of Mobile Mapping System to the acquisition of geographic data used is ITS – Robert Rutkowski
    The application of GIS to ITS – Justyna Florczak
    Architecture and ITS Standards based on the City of Warsaw Traffic Management Project, Piotr Haremza


17:00 – 18:00

Conclusions Committee: discussion and summary of the Congress

The organisers have the right to modify the session progam.



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